The adoption donatopm for pets adopted from Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue are:
**$200-300 for dogs over 12 months old
**$300-350 for dogs under 12 months old
**The adoption donation will vary for each dog, depending on that individual dog's needs while with us in rescue.**

All dogs adopted from Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue receive the following:
**Age-appropriate vaccinations, including rabies for dogs over 4 months old**
**Spay or neuter**
**Heartworm test & treatment if necessary**
**Monthly heartworm preventative**
**Monthly flea/tick preventative**
**Any other medical treatment necessary**

The adoption process for Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue is as follows:

First, you will fill out an adoption application, which can be downloaded via the link at the top of this page. ALL questions must be completed on the application before it will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. If you have questions about the application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible. Please give us a week to process your application before contacting us. We do this solely as volunteers and it sometimes takes us a few days to get through the applications we receive. If you have shown interest in a specific dog, his or her needs will also be taken into consideration when we review your application to see if they will fit your lifestyle and home. We do not have any hard and fast rules for adoptions and treat each dog/home combination as an individual case.

You will be notified as soon as the application has been reviewed. If after reviewing your application, we believe we have a dog that may be a good fit for you, we will contact you via email to discuss further and set up a meeting time. If you have other pets or children, especially, we will want to see how our foster dog interacts with your other pets and/or children.

If you are approved to adopt a dog from us, an adoption contract must be filled out and signed in order for the dog to leave for its new home. While adoption applications may be sent through e-mail, contracts must either be signed in person. If we have approved a dog to be transported to its new home, the adoption contract must be received before the transport can take place.

That's it! If any problems should arise, Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue is always here to offer advice or aid whenever and wherever possible. Please consider us a lifelong resource for any questions or concerns you may have with your adopted dog.

If at any point in the future you cannot keep the dog you have adopted, you MUST return it to Ruff Mutt Border Collie Rescue unless you have discussed an alternative plan with us. This allows us to find another loving home and to keep track of the dogs we have placed.

Please note...

WE are NOT a shelter. We do rescue out of our private homes and in our spare time. So, you cannot come visit our dogs until you have gone through the application and interview process and we have contacted you about scheduling a visit.

WE often receive several applications for one dog. Our goal is to place our dogs in the best, most appropriate homes. You may be convinced that your home is the best and most appropriate, but the decision is still ours to make. Since we live with these dogs in our homes, we have a good understanding of their needs and personalities and what type of home would work best for them. If you are not selected to adopt a dog, it likely has nothing to do with whether or not we think you could provide a good home for a dog. It may simply be that we did not believe that you were the best fit for the particular dog that you applied for.

WE have fulltime jobs and lives outside of rescue. The adoption process can often take a couple of weeks, depending on what else is going on in our lives at the time. You are welcome to contact us to find out the status of your application, but it won't necessarily make the process go faster. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH US!