Here are updates on RMBCR Alumni from their new families!

Aerie (Caela) - Adopted 12.23.07

Hi Debbie, It doesn't seem like nearly nine months have passed since you put this little black and white bundle on her flight from DFW to Philadelphia that cool December morning. I still don't know how I managed to convince DH that we needed a third dog but I am so glad that between us Caela (Latin = Sky/Heaven) and I worked our female charms on him and that you felt that we would be a suitable home for her to be adopted into. She arrived just in time for Christmas, full or attitude and puppy playfulness and I am not sure that Megan and Erin, our other Border Collies, knew quite what had hit them. Thankfully, right from the beginning of the adoption process, you had given us all the information we needed so we knew exactly what a fiesty little pup we had just taken on. Boy! were you spot on!!! Of course we had a few settling in squabbles, a few interesting moments and a few time-outs whilst everyone adjusted to the new pack heirarchy. Well, here we are, nine months on and I cannot imagine life without my pups. They adjusted extremely well and very quickly to the new pack member and it is hard to remember how things were before Caela came along. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. We have moved from Pennsylvania down to Virginia and the girls are loving hiking the trails here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Caela, who at one point was the most un coordinated dog I had ever seen and I doubted her ability to catch anything apart from a flea, has, in the past couple of months becomes the most phenomenal catcher of tennis balls and shows incredible disc dog potential. She is the fastest dog in this pack by far and jumps the highest too. She is just wonderful! I love all my dogs but this one really is my heart dog, so thank you Debbie, for all that you do - for your dogs, your foster dogs and for adopters too. You are always there to answer a question or to give advice and to help make the adoption transition as smooth as possible. You are doing incredible work for Border Collies in need and are a real inspiration to others.

Tracy and Caela RMBCR Alumni

Aero - Adopted 4.5.08

Debbie, This is a 3 month update on Aero. He is doing fine. He and Canyon have become good buddies. They steal toys from each other like crazy, but no fights about them. He's also learned not to go anywhere near Canyon's food bowl. He eats his food in his crate. They are well known at the dog park. After one lengthy visit to the park, they were exhausted. I was lying on the couch, Canyon was lying on me, and Aero was lying on Canyon. I could not believe it. Would have made a cute picture, but I couldn't get up to take it. Aero has fallen into the "morning" routine quite nicely. First Canyon wakes me up at 6:00 am on the dot everyday by barking. He and Canyon then play while I try to enjoy my morning coffee (not as peaceful as it once was, but worth it). Then they both accompany me into the bathroom while I shower and they play some more. After that it is into the bedroom while I get ready for work. Aero still has quite an interest in the cat, but doesn't really bother her. By the time I'm ready for work, they are both sleeping by my feet. Then it is into their crates with a treat. At noon I come home to give them a potty break. They are both very good about getting back into their crates when I leave. Once home for the day, the fun starts all over again. Thanks for all you do for Border Collies.

Angel - Adopted 5.15.08

Angel is going great. She has come out of her shell and is no longer skittish when someone new comes around..She is a very smart dog..My son in law (a vet) said you can tell that by the way she turns her head when you talk to her..She eats well now and we walk her almost every day..She is beginning to stay in the back yard more but comes in when it is so hot.We have a lot of tile in our house and have train her to stay on the tile because we have very light carpet.She learn to do that in just 3 days.She also sleeps in the house at night..We have a very large crate so she has plenty of room..We are taking good care of her and has been a lot of company for Cleo.

Bailey - Adopted 8.24.08

Hey Debbie, I just wanted to let you know Bailey is doing wonderful. She is a doll. She sat in my lap the whole way home. She started out pressed up against the passenger door, and before we got home she actually had her head in Clint's lap. They have really bonded well. She is two steps behind him everywhere he goes, she really does prefer people. Her and Lowe have actually bonded well. They have actually been playing all day today. I was a little shocked because Bailey is such a people dog. I just wanted to give you a check up. I will be sending you pictures ASAP. She is adorable, and we are really building a strong bond with her. Thanks!

Becky (Daisy) - Adopted 8.30.08

Hi, Debbie, Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with Daisy (Becky)! Last Saturday, both our sons and our daughter-in-law were over and immediately fell in love with her. They love her tri-color. She is the cuddliest dog we’ve ever had. Daisy is so sweet and everyone has petted her so much, I’m surprised she has any fur left. She was already housebroken, and got the hang of the dog door over the first weekend. I’m glad you told us how much to feed her, because she’s kept it up and is continuing to fill out. The vet said she’s anemic, probably from the ticks and being malnourished, so she’s on iron and can’t go for long walks yet, but she’s getting stronger every day. Daisy is the best dog we’ve ever had with children. Debbie, thanks so much for using your gift of matching up the right people with the right dog, as well as your compassion and hard work. We were so sad over losing Jenny at the beginning of the summer, but Daisy has really helped brighten up our lives. We’ll send some pictures soon. Thanks again!

Blink (Caly) - Adopted 11.2.08

Hey, Debbie! I just thought you'd like to see some of our first pictures of Caly, aka Blink, in her new home. She is so laid back and fun loving. We absolutely adore her. She, Phoenyx and Ruby (our cat) all are getting along very well. She played hard last night and passed out shortly after these pictures were taken. She slept through the night peacefully in her crate. She hasn't had any accidents today either. What a smart and wonderful girl! Thanks again for everything!

Caleb (Sammy) - Adopted 8.7.08

Chrissy Hynde (Maggie) - Adopted 3.8.08

Just thought I would update you on Maggie. She is doing very well and thriving wonderfully! She finished all her shots, the runny nose cleared up and never came back, and the diarrhea finally stopped once we realized it was the food. She can not eat Iams food. We tried some others but Purina One happens to be the food she tolerates best. We have discovered she doesn't do well in the car. She throws up every time she rides in the car. We are hoping she will outgrow that, but in the meantime she takes medicine to help her get to the longer destinations when we go. Not a big deal. She is a true waterdog! We have taken her to the lake and she LOVES to swim. Her favorite thing to do is play fetch. She will do that for hours and hours and you have to make her rest. Add in the water... and she will fetch the ball in the water for hours. She loves the pool but didn't until just recently. She will just float and swim around you...just to be near you. She has learned her commands and discipline very quickly and is a pleaser. She wants to please everyone. We introduced her to other dogs just this weekend and she does very well with other dogs. She seemed happy to have some playmates! She has truly become part of the family. She just wants to be around us wherever we are. She crates well, but loves to be where we are. I know you have your own dogs, but I just thought you might want to know what has happened to your pups. I hope all the puppies are doing as well as she is. We think she is brilliant and a super companion! We love her. Thanks!

Dice (Satchel) - Adopted 2.7.08

Hi, Debbie, Happy Summer! We just brought Satchel home from the vet. He was neutered and micro chipped this morning. He is a little sleepy and really doesn't like the "lampshade" around his neck! But other than that he is doing pretty good. Satchel is a great puppy dog! He is very trainable and only chews up his stuff!!! He now weighs 37.2 lbs. I will have to send a more recent picture once I get them downloaded! Thanks.

Doc (Cody) - Adopted 4.23.08

Here is Cody! (Doc) He loves his doggy big sister. He wakes up and licks her face every morning, and they play every day. He is set for surgery July 2, and he already weighs 25 pounds! We also have him enrolled in private obedience lessons once a week. He's a sweet boy and we love him. Thanks so much!

Echo - Adopted 6.21.08

Hey Debbie, I hope this finds you doing well. I just wanted to let you know of how Echo is doing. She is such a SWEET girl. She has adjusted well! She was a little scared and cautious at first. I am sure that is normal in a new place. She had a couple of accidents but I am sure that is normal too. She seems to have caught on to the routine and knows what to do when I let them out to potty and play. Her and PepperAnn are just crazy about each other. PepperAnn has found her "puppy side" once again. In fact, sometimes we have to get onto PepperAnn because she gets too playful and wants to keep going and Echo has had enough. However, Echo is so sweet, when they were laying in the grass after playing and playing the other evening, she put her paw on PepperAnn's face and started licking her face. It was the SWEETEST thing I had ever seen. That is another thing, Echo has taken to PepperAnn as if she was her momma! She loves to be with her 24/7! We put Echo up in her crate at night and if she can't see PepperAnn or PepperAnn isn't laying close to her she will whimper. I tell you we could not have asked for a better dog! She has settled in nicely and is a perfect fit for our family! Thanks again for all you do for these dogs.

Halo (Diamond) - Adopted 11.2.08

Halo seems really happy here. We've decided to rename her "Diamond", keeping with our tradition of naming our dogs after expensive things. I've included some pictures of her in our living room and hope you'll find them as cute and funny as we do. After getting her from you, we went by Petsmart to pick up everything that she needed. We got her a new collar, harness, leash, food bowl, a larger waterbowl for her and Jewel to share, etc.. then came the toys. It was so funny! Halo/Diamond was like a kid in a candy store. She kept grabbing the toys that she liked off the shelf. We let her choose a couple different toys before heading home. Arriving, she began immediately exploring the house and was briefly fascinated by our birds (she only barked at them once and was easily called off.. although the birds were obviously a little startled. Now the birds are as curious about her as she is about them.) We've been playing with her for a while now and now she finally seems a tired. Best Regards.

Hootie (Chance) - Adopted 1.19.08

Hi Debbie, I wanted to drop you a quick email to let you know our boy is doing great. He will be 8 months old next week. He is about 22" tall and weighs about 48 pounds. I am trying to capture some pics that show his size compared to the other dogs but that is not an easy task. It is a like a trying to chase down a black and white tornado. He is still taking obedience and rally classes. And in the next couple of weeks, we are going to take him to the lake for his first swimming lessons. Take care and bless you for the all the work you do!!!!

Ice - Adopted 8.15.08

Hello! Things are going really well! I haven't had to crate Ice or George since we returned to College Station, and George has not reverted back to his destructive ways that he developed last school year while I was away. I think that Ice and George are enjoying the company during the day. I returned the Le Bistro Waterer because both dogs were terrified of it to the point that a puddle of rainwater was more desirable. I bought a new collar and leash for Ice. It matches her eyes and has reflective tape on it (a lazer brite collar with the bent wire design). A residence tag and Home Again tag have also been ordered. It has rained recently, so we haven't been going for regular walks, but they love playing out in the puddles and mud that accumulated throughout the backyard. Hope all is well and please keep in touch. Thank you!

Jasper - Adopted 12.8.07

Hi Debbie-- I hope that all is going well with you. Precious Jasper is doing just great. I can't tell you how delighted we all are to have him as part of our family. He's getting big-- 45 pounds now-- and such a love. Periodically, I have enjoyed looking at your border collie web site. I am hopeful that everything is a-ok w/ our rescue operation. Debbie-- keep in touch. We'd love to hear from you. Take care.

Jesse (Wyatt) - Adopted 11.2.08

Hi Debbie, Just a follow up note on Jesse. I think we're going to call him 'Wyatt'. I was happy with Jesse but Neal wasn't. So he was naming off names and said Wyatt and it stuck. Then Neal decided he didn't like Wyatt but it's too late ;-) Neal got to name our last rescue dog Phyllis so now it's my turn. I brought Wyatt to work today and he's been doted on ALL day. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is fantastic with all the other dogs coming and going--totally friendly but calm and minds really well already. I couldn't have imagined him being any better. You don't have to worry about us bringing him back. The only way I'd give him up as if I was dead and he had to be pried out of my cold dead fingers (not that I'm getting attached or anything). Thanks so much.

Katie - Adopted 2.2.08

Kiss - Adopted 4.25.08

Debbie, just wanted to let you know that Kiss is doing great. She's exactly as you said she was. She'll catch the Frisbee all day long if you'd throw it to her or will go for a walk when ever you want. She's joined at the hip to my son and they go everywhere together. She's unbelievably smart as my son has taught her many things including how to make a basket by throwing her the ball and she knocks it in the goal with her nose. We even discovered that she likes to swim when she jumped into the pool one day. Thanks again for all you do.

Moose (Murphy) - Adopted 6.24.07

Debbie, I think we're due for our 1-year update. Just wanted to let you know that Murphy (Moose) is doing great and has adjusted well with the rest of the family. Attached are a few photos from today. Hope you & the rest of the Ruff Mutt gang are doing great! We appreciate so much the service you provide & for giving us our big boy.

Phoenix - Adopted 12.26.06

Hi Debbie! Phoenix is doing great!!! He has gotten to the point where he loves to ride in the car [no more car sickness]. In fact, we made a trip to Colorado last fall and he loved it up there. We've also done some hunting and fishing [he seems to like the barn the best], and four wheeling [where he insists on sitting in my lap]. He loves going to softball games with me and of course he loves his walks and the dogpark. He's so much fun. We have moved to Austin where have a nice sized backyard, and we are having a blast exploring new parks. Walnut creek seems to be his favorite--lots of hills and trees and creeks. Phoenix has really been a blessing. A great companion and a wonderful spirit. Thanks.

Preston (Ben) - Adopted 9.5.08

Hello Debbie! Preston (who we've renamed Ben, in honor of the first working BC I met in Scotland) seems to be very happy to be home. He's explored the house and the yard quite a bit and we've been to the park this morning on a little jog. We're definitely going to have to work on walking on a lead, but he's so quick I don't think it will be a problem! He can't quite understand why the cats won't be friendly, and the cats can't understand why we needed another animal in the house!! He is very submissive toward them, laying down anytime they come within a few feet of him, and whining and whining when they puff up at him. It's quite funny, but hopefully everyone will be living peacefully together in a few days time. Ben knows sit and down pretty well it seems, and he can identify his first few toys so far by name. I can't wait to work with him on new things...Thanks again for everything...we're still learning every day, so if there's anything you think we should know, please share with us! I'll be sure to keep you updated on everything!

Puck (Tucker) - Adopted 7.20.07

Hi, Just wanted to give you a little update on Tucker. Our biggest news is that he will now chase a tennis ball. He's been scared to death of just about everything including balls, but as of yesterday, he's chased them and brought them back in our general direction. His other big accomplishment is that he will roll onto his back for a belly rub. Again, that was something he really didn't want to do for most of the time he's been here. But we are seeing progress and that makes all of us happy. I hate to think of what went on in his life before you got him...must have been pretty bad. Tucker and Zoey are still getting along very well. I think she's growled at him once for getting too close to her bone. He still prefers to go in and out of the house at the same time Zoey does (often times knocking her to the ground) but he has taken some independant trips to the backyard and he's really enjoying his time out there. The boys as well as Paul and I truely are glad to have him in our family. I just hope that with more time and love he will be able to enjoy us as much as we enjoy him.

River (Neko) - Adopted 2.5.08

Hi Debbie, I just wanted to update you on Neko (River), she is fabulous!! I couldn’t have asked for a better dog! She is so loving and has never met a stranger, well besides the occasional trash can. Ha! I have attached more photos as well as a receipt of her hysterectomy. She is doing fine and should have her stitches out on Sat. The vet loves her and they look forward to her visits. I will send you a quick video of her from when she was a pup in a following email.

Rose - Adopted 1.27.08

Good afternoon Debbie. I hope all is well with you and your four legged friends! I wanted to tell you that my little family of Gina, Rose, and the kitties are all doing well. Rose daily becomes more confidant and is such a love bug! She had a accident that sliced her paw pad a month ago. She and Gina were racing into the yard, and Rose’s paw hit just right on the landscaping metal trim. She had to have surgery to close things up. She was doing really well until while at church, she decided to chew through the bandage and take out all the sutures and a lot of the flesh!! Luckily I have an awesome vet and between the two of us, she is so much better. In fact, the bandage is off today!! Fortunately, I have dog health insurance!! I am attaching a photo from the weekend. We start obedience school on June 5 too. I absolutely love Miss Rosie as she is often referred to. And, she and Gina are absolutely best friends!!! The perfect play mates. Thank you for making it all possible!

Rudy - Adopted 8.13.07

After falling head over heals in love with Rudy’s photo on line I quickly phoned Debbie at Ruff Mutts to see if he was still available and to see if he would be a suitable match for what I would like to train him for and if she would be ok with shipping him to Canada. She forwarded me the adoption form and within a few days, I was arranging with the airline to have our Rudy flown from Texas to Vancouver, Canada. Debbie did an excellent job matching us with the right dog. Rudy has settled in and is just a treasure. Thank you for all your hard work you do Debbie, you too are a special treasure in the work you do for all the Border Collie that cross your doorstep.

Sleepy (Cloud) - Adopted 5.17.08

Hello, I recently adopted a puppy from you who you at the time called "Sleepy". We now call him "Cloud". He is a wonderful dog and I just wanted to thank you again for allowing us to make him a part of our family.

Sneezy (Maxey) - Adopted 4.19.08

Dear Ruff Mutts, Hi from East Texas!! My name is Maxey Brown (formally known as Sneezy). I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how I have been doing since I left Garland. I have a great family that loves me very much. They call me all sorts of different names, but I generally answer to most of them. My mom and dad call me “Mad Max”, my 2 legged sister calls me “Crazy”, and my 4 legged sister just calls me a pest. They say that I am in constant motion about 20 hours a day, but I am just so happy that I stay excited ALL the time. My mom says that I don’t have a mean bone in my body, and that everyone that comes to visit must be coming just to visit me. I love everyone I meet. I go on walks with my dad around the neighborhood and he says that I am getting better walking. I pester Sissy (my 4 legged sister) every second that I can, but I love her and want to be around her all the time. She has shown me the ropes around here though, but I don’t think that they have all been good things. I am trying to be as good a gardener like my mom, but I don’t think she appreciates it much. But I think that she understands that I am just trying to help her out a little. My 2 legged sister has 2 English Bulldogs named Sampson and Delilah and they live at her house. They come to visit quite a bit, so I get to play with them as long as they will tolerate me jumping around. (which isn’t long) I was potty trained in less than 2 weeks my mom says, not to mention that she thinks that I am absolutely brilliant. Who can blame her? She does wonder if I am ever going to grow into my feet, they say that they are large. I am a little gangly right now, but they say that I will fill in, especially with as much food as I eat. I will close this for now because I know that you have other puppies that need your care and attention. I just wanted to let you know that I am very healthy and happy at my new house with my new family and I know that they love me without question. And I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me and my siblings and the other dogs that you continue to rescue. Send everyone all my love and kisses. So long for now, I will let you know from time to time about my adventures.

Take care and God Bless you and yours, Maxey Brown

Sprite (Izzy) - Adopted 6.26.08

After a long day of chewing on my brother (and some of Dad's stuff). I still love chasing anything that moves in the park, but have not quite figured out to run away from fighting dogs like my brother. Guess I am just an adrenaline junkie.

Zip (Miles) - Adopted 1.26.08

Just a quick note since it has been almost six months since I adopted my boy!! He is doing great! We have finally found a place...Its perfect. With-in walking distance to the beach and closer to the big state parks we like to go to. It is also much closer to the two big dog parks and Miles puppy school. Miles is doing well. Still won't work for food, past about three treats, but I took some advice and instead of ball we have started building his tug drive for training and that is working out really well. We start class this week so we will see how it goes. He is a ball nut still, and his downs are very good thanks to that. He still won't approach people on trails, but greets people in the house and at the dog park. He is much calmer in the house now, less manic. As long as he gets a good puppy run he settles down and is happy to just hang out near me. I think it is due to both his age and knowing he has a home. Miles still doesn't like the heat, so he swims for most of his exercise these days. I have decided to take the slow but solid road for agility. He will start from the beginning in the foundation classes. It will take longer till we get to actual jumps, etc but in the long run I think it will pay off. I don't know if I want him to compete yet but I want the option. He is still an absolute love and cuddle bug. Even my mother says she doesn't think he knows he isn't a lap dog because he will find a way to get all 53 lbs of furry border collie butt on your lap. Over all i couldn't be more thrilled with him. I feel now like I am really just starting my true relationship with him. He is adjusted and settled and now we can really start having fun. I only have one not good picture of him, but I will get some more and post to the board. Its taken at the park we walk to every morning when I get home from work. Its perfect, running water, big fields and the beach.

Thanks Again,
Sarah and Miles

Zelda (Naihm) - Adopted 9.4.07

Naimh is doing so well. She is Roy's bunny. She's patient and kind to the kids. She licks and mothers all the little boo boos the other dogs get, and mine too, if I let her. She's a perfect dog, except for being useless with sheep. We bought a house in Ithaca, NY. It's 25 acres, we have a fencing company on line to stockade fence the perimeter. It's ten minutes from the excellent vets at Cornell. I have no idea whose teaching sheep stuff up there but I can get to Mary Brighoff in two hours.